Vuxner - secure chat platform for communication

  • Опубликовано: 16-03-2022, 14:08

Chat vuxner is a new application that guarantees a high level of privacy. Encryption of correspondence is so high that you don't have to worry about maintaining anonymity. This app is suitable for both business and personal use. For example, to communicate with friends or family members. Users will be pleased with the functionality.


Since the appearance of the application, the number of downloads of the program has exceeded 500,000. About 150,000 people are constantly connected online. The vuxner chat application has a user-friendly interface, wide functionality. For example, you can exchange text messages, audio and video calls.


You can install the application on any device. For example, a client version was created to work on a computer. You can also download vuxner chat to Android or iOS mobile devices. In both cases, the chat platform works stably, and constant updates are provided.


For personal use, the chat application is absolutely free. However, if you plan to include communication with many people (colleagues, friends, family members), then you need to choose a tariff plan. In this case, you get full-featured access to all the features of the application and support.


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